Mitchell Bernstein

Mitchell Bernstein

Design in Austin, TX


Designer, Founder, Investor.

Led multiple teams at Kraken and IBM, and was the first and founding designer at the YC-backed company, Cardinal.

Investments include Substack and Synthesis School.



Reimagined a better experience to clean and prepare data


Designed a multi-billion dollar cloud-based
operating system to accelerate AI creation.


Teaching designers foundational and advanced in-demand skills.



Defining a design system that’s adaptable, modular and more importantly, future proof, is a monumental task. With several years of contributing to their design system and software suite, Mitchell Bernstein, AI Design Lead, will go through IBM’s experience on this topic, sharing key takeaways about their evolving Carbon Design System. Mitchell will also dive into details on how to adapt any design system to complex, AI-powered software with the help of Sketch.



All design systems deserve well-documented guidance, but defining this isn’t always straightforward. We’ll take a look at what goes into making good UX design pattern guidance and how we create patterns for IBM Carbon internally and externally.


Watson Studio Red Dot Award

Work Experience

2023 — 2024
2022 — 2023
2018 — 2022
Austin, TX

Redefined how companies create artificial intelligence for the next 20 years and helped guide enterprise designers improve their craft.

2017 — 2018
Austin, TX

Prorotyped accessible visualizations of air pollution to increase awareness of global pollution for 11 million users.

2016 — 2017
Orlando, FL

Elevated user experience in mobile and web apps, serving 100,000+ users to report issues in apartments and easily manage residents.

2015 — 2016
Visual Designer at Schoolflow
Orlando, FL

Redesigned and rebranded Schoolflow’s mobile experience.